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Our Story

After leaving school, our founder Ross went into the communications department of the Royal Navy for 9 years. As part of his resettlement, he studied for his mortgage qualifications, alongside this he also did a Foundation Degree in Financial Services. His experience allows him to help others from a range of different backgrounds and circumstances including those who do not fit the standard mortgage criteria. 

Ross has worked in the mortgage sector for many years, his experience ranges from the large organisations down to smaller, more personal ones. He is more aware than most people about the importance of having your finances in order.

About Us
About Us

Having just moved into his forever home with his family, they set off on
holiday for a week. When they got home, his wife was diagnosed with a life changing illness. All of a sudden, not only did they have the stress of getting her fit and well again but they were down to one income, with a substantial mortgage.

Fortunately, they had critical illness cover and income protection, this meant that within a month the financial burden and impact was eased. They were lucky, they knew they needed to have protection, especially when moving into their forever home, but they hadn’t really appreciated how vital it would be for their family. Having experienced this first hand, Ross likes to ensure our clients are aware of all of the risks associated with buying a home, and how they need to
protect themselves for an unknown future. We always lookout for the best mortgage deals, but we also like to be able to offer our clients some great rates on a variety of protection. *Lifetime Mortgages can be arranged by Referral Only

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Our Process

About Us

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Getting to know each other

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Formulating advice and
making recommendations

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Presenting recommendations
and completing paperwork

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Managing application through
to successful approval

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Completing legal formalities
and final checks

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Ongoing Reviews
Keeping intouch with regular views

The above infographic gives you an overview of our process.
Ideally, we would love to talk to you before you have found your new home, this way we can advise you on the best options available for you. We can generate an agreement in principle if you need one. This will allow you to look for a property that you know you can afford. 

Once you have found a property (or if you are remortgaging) we finalise the property details and liaise with estate agents and solicitors. This is followed by our recommendations to you of the key facts involved. All paperwork is fully completed and signed. We finalise the agreement and any supporting documents.

Once the application is submitted to the lender, we liaise with the mortgage lender and keeping you up to date with all developments. We work to resolve any potential issues or utilise another lender. Once your offer is received, this is reviewed with you and then we talk about what type of protection is required, including building and contents insurance. 

We look to build relationships with our clients, we keep in contact with you to ensure your changing lifestyle and potential future home moves, are the best to suit your circumstances. We regularly review our client’s circumstances and offer help and advice as often situations change unexpectedly.

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